Current River Conditions

Good news for all adventure seekers! Colorado’s fabulous white water season is finally here, and starting off strong. Per usual with the early rafting season, the rivers are flowing higher than normal. Keeping up with these high flows is very important when planning a rafting trip, especially on rivers that offer multiple levels of whitewater intensity.

IMG_0008 The Arkansas River– Granite Outpost

Our Arkansas River, which offers a great adventure for both new and experienced rafters, is experiencing some very high whitewater right now. Currently, the Gauntlet/Pine Creek class V trip on the Arkansas, is closed at flow rates of 3,130cfs and the class IV Numbers/Narrows is closed at 3,130cfs too!

But as one door closes another one opens, as you can see with the Brown’s Canyon portion of the Arkansas! AVA’s more mild, class III trip in Brown’s Canyon is running a bit big currently at about 4,010 cfs., making it rocking class IV trip!

The Clear Creek– Idaho Springs Outpost

For our Gold Rush class III trip and Lower Canyon class V trip, the seasonal high waters have kicked things up a notch! Running at 1,910cfs these sections are currently closed.

But for the adrenaline junkies who really need their fix, the class IV Upper Clear Creek should give you exactly what you’re looking for. At conditions of 1,140 cfs, the Upper Clear Creek is going to be a action packed, exciting trip!

The Colorado River– Kremmling Outpost

Calling all hardcore rafters! Gore Canyon on the Colorado River is experiencing some serious whitewater right now at flows of around 6,320 cfs. This IMG_0029is some extreme whitewater, so make sure you are very prepared for an insane experience to go on Gore Canyon.

For those who would prefer a laid back experience, the relaxing Upper Colorado float trip should be perfect! This part of the Colorado River is running at a healthy 6,170 cfs, which makes this calm trip a little wetter and wilder than usual, but in a perfectly family friendly way. Unfortunately, these levels are a little high to run our inflatable kayaks (duckies), or the stand up paddle boards right now. But the high water on this river should stave off the thirst for excitement, even without those extra options!

Blue River– Summit County

If you want some prime whitewater experience in the Breckenridge area, you need to check out the Blue River. This river is best in the early season, and is currently running high and mighty at 1,490 cfs. Don’t let this opportunity for Summit County’s best rafting go by!

Early season rafting is the time for big water! Get the most experienced guides and best rafting trip with AVA! Don’t miss your chance and book now!