Where to Find Hidden Hot Spring Treasures in Colorado

nature-1281574_1280Temperatures are heating up in the high country of Colorado which means melting snow and hiking trails that we can finally enjoy after the long winter.  Hidden among the Colorado pine trees and wildflowers lie natural hot springs bursting with refreshing, revitalizing minerals.  Take some notes, bring along your swim trunks and pack, and bask in the beauty of the Colorado outdoors.

Radium Hot Springs: This hidden hot spring treasure is found off the Colorado River near Vail and Steamboat Springs.  Drive over to Mugrage Campground, park there, and head up onto the trail that leads you about a mile into the wilderness until you discover Radium Hot Springs.  The spring mixes with river water from the Colorado River to bring the water temperature to a refreshing 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Take note; many hikers come up to bask in the hot springs nude and be sure to bring a pack clean up any trash you leave behind.

Conundrum: Find this little gem about 15 miles outside of Aspen.  Park at Conundrum Creek Trailhead and give yourself ample time to make it up the 8.5 mile trail while marveling at the incredible wildflowers, snow-capped peaks, and bridged stream crossings.  Soak in the hot spring’s 98 degree Fahrenheit waters while you absorb Conundrum’s unparalleled views.  Again remember to leave no trace so that others can enjoy the natural beauty here, I personally always bring a pack to stash energy bar wrappers and random trash I might find that people leave behind.

Penny Hot Springs: If you find yourself in southern Colorado near Durango, take advantage of the primitive and isolated hot springs north of Pagosa Springs.  Park at the West-Fork Trailhead and make your way up to the San Juan River and into the Weminuche Wilderness Area for a therapeutic soak in 95 degree Fahrenheit waters while you are rewarded from your long hike with wildlife sightings and majestic views.
mountains-374428_1280What better way to reward yourself after a long hike than with a free soak in nature’s gift of hot, mineral water?  These hot spring treasures have been a local secret for decades but that doesn’t mean those who are visiting colorful Colorado can’t also enjoy these gems!  Sprinkle your Colorado vacation with hikes, natural hot springs, rafting, ziplining, and other outdoor adventures!!