5 Reasons to Check Out Rifle Mountain Park

Colorado is already known as a state of immense beauty, but tucked away in the state are little pieces of paradise you wouldn’t believe. Right outside of the tiny town of Rifle you will find Rifle Falls State Park. Lush greenery and gives way to waterfalls spilling over limestone cliffs. Beautiful hiking. biking, rock climbing and camping are the mainstay here and make this a must for you to do list. Once you’re here it is hard to choose which activity to do, so here’s our list of 5 reasons to check out Rifle Falls National Park.

  1. The Fish Hatchery- The state’s largest fish hatchery is great place to visit and tour and even feed the fish. This hatchery supplies fish for many of the rivers, from Ouray to Wyoming, and annually produces about 3.5 million species and sub species of trout. You might find yourself wondering what the point of this place is. Well, as they say, ‘their mission is to keep you fishin’!
  2. Rock Climbing- Known throughout Colorado as somewhat of a mecca for climbers, Rifle can seem a little intimidating. Once you’re there though talk to your fellow climbers and they can help you find your way across some of the trickier limestone routes.
  3. Waterfalls- Rifle is the only place in the state where you will find an 80 foot triple waterfall. The cascading water keeps the surrounding area green and lush, as well as cool. It is a great place to stop for a picnic and relax.
  4. Caves- Tucked behind the waterfalls are a series of mysterious limestone caves perfect for spelunking. In the winter they turn into a sparkling wonderland when the waterfalls freeze over. The dark depths are fun to explore and a good way to cool off after a long hike.
  5. Camping- There are 7 camping sites that you have to hike to and 12 you can drive to. No matter which campsite you choose the gorgeous scenery and cool weather are absolutely worth spending some time camping and exploring. Nights spent relaxing around a campfire are the perfect end to a day of outdoor adventures.