Make the Most of Your Colorado Adventure With a Saddle & Paddle

Looking for a memorable adventure for you and your family? Or maybe you are on the hunt for a unique date idea for you and your plus one? Breckenridge Whitewater has the perfect answer for either of these questions: the almighty Saddle & Paddle. What could be better than venturing through the backcountry via horseback followed by paddling through some rapids?  That’s right, nothing.  Here’s everything you need to know about our Saddle & Paddle adventure.

First Things First, the Saddle

To start your day, you will embark on the journey with our trusty partner, the Rusty Spurr.  Anyone as young as 7 years old can participate in the Saddle and Paddle! The Rusty Spurr has rides available for everyone beginner, intermediate & expert riders anybody and everybody will love this relaxing way to explore the Colorado Rockies.  After catching the nice morning breeze Rusty Spurr provides it’s customers with a delicious hamburger lunch. You will not have to travel more than 5 minutes for lunch and it’s savory.

Then the Paddle

After that delectable lunch we will get you ready to rock and roll with our whitewater rafting in Kremmling, Colorado.  You’ll meet your friendly guides for the day and get fitted with the perfect wetsuit and gear for the river.  The stretch of whitewater Breckenridge Rafting runs on the Colorado River is mild and splashy, but still creates fun for the whole family.  Class II rapids will still get everyone paddling, but you’ll also have the chance to sit back and enjoy the incredible views surrounding you.
Ride like a cowboy from the wild wild west and test your skills on our whitewater rafting trip on the Upper Colorado. Looking for a real Colorado experience? You’ve found it!  The best part is we package everything for you.  No need to call multiple companies to line up your action-packed time in Colorado, Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting will take care of all that.
Book a Saddle and Paddle today for a great Colorado adventure!