Our Favorite Horseback Riding Tours near Breckenridge, Colorado

Are you looking for your next adventure in Colorado that will really make you feel as though you have connected with more than the Wi-Fi? Horseback riding is the solution you are looking for.

Perfect Summer Adventure for all Groups

This adventure is perfect for all groups and levels. It is an amazing tradition to start for a mother and daughter who are looking create an unbreakable bond, or a group of bachelors’ looking to create the perfect memory. If you have a group of friends trying to fill some days in your summer vacation? This is the most rustic trip you can engage in.

Rocky Mountain horseback riding is great for anyone who wants to enjoy the views and breathtaking landmarks.

Experience the Rockies on Horseback

The Rocky Mountains are some of the most glorious features that mother nature provided in America. These mountains provide a ton of adventures from skiing in the winter to rafting your summer away. The cliff sides and elevation gain of these mountains give people an edge to their favorite activities.

Horse back riding in these mountains give you heights and views you may not have even known exist. Staying in the mountains in the summer is a great choice, as most activities are about two hours from the Front Range of Denver.

Breckenridge is like the bull’s eye on the dart board of summer activities. This location is so prime it makes Optimus jealous. For horse back riding specifically, this area is an unbelievably convenient location.

Our Favorite Horseback Riding Trip!

Rusty Spurrs Ranch

Kremmling, Colorado

If you travel north to the Gore Range, you’ll find yourself surrounded by sage and sunshine. Rusty Spurrs Ranch is in the heart of Kremmling Colorado. This lovely little town is known for its vast planes, Gore Canyon and there amazing chinese.

Rusty Spurrs offers several trip times trough out the day. This gives you a chance to really tailor the trip and the times you’re on the trail to your vacation. Seeing the sun set can be a romantic trip for two and Kremmling is a perfect little spot to rekindle any relationship. The plans in this area allow for you party to really spread out, rather than nose to nose riding.

Cattle Drives

Rusty’s also does a Cattle drive, which is a unique trip for only their location. This is a perfect way to spend the day for a group of men looking to spice up their trip to Colorado; or a simple group of friends looking for something a little different.

Mount Princeton Stables

Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista holds one of the most stunning locations to horse back ride in. Mount Princeton Stables is in the Collegiate Peak range in the town of Nathrop. Known for there Hot Springs, this town is a great way to get away for a day. Planning a relaxing day on Horse Back to a waterfall. Filled with an evening of Hot Springs is one of the most romantic ways to appreciate Colorado.


Mount Princeton Stables runs several trips and services all year allowing for several different types of views. Early spring when the peaks are still dusted with snow, are a sight to behold. Coming in summer when it’s warmest allows for all the flowers to be in bloom and animals moving about.

Breckenridge Stables

Breckenridge, Colorado

If you looking to stick a little closer to Breckenridge, they happen to have a company right outside of town. This allows you to get into the mountains and back in time for dinner. This location is perfect for a quick get up and gallop.

Being in the mountains you have been looking at for the past couple days is magical. The Breckenridge stables are conveniently located right at the top of town making it a perfect spot to travel to by the town bus rather than a car.

Being able to take a horse into the mountain side is truly an inspiring way to use your time here in the mountains. If your planning a trip this year you, make sure horseback riding is part of it.