Is June a Good Time to Go rafting?

Written by Geoffrey Johnson

Is there anything better than the summer time in the Colorado Rockies? No, there is not, so don’t even bother trying to come up with something better, it doesn’t exist. Green forest, blue skies, wildlife sightings, and perfect weather makes the Rocky Mountains a popular destination for all types of outdoor activities. The trails are (mostly) cleared of snow for hiking and mountain biking, and the melting snow from the giant peaks brings a revival to the rivers and joy to water sports enthusiast around the world.

June is one of the most popular times for people come visit the great state of Colorado, and those planning on adventures are often eager to get in their first river trip. There is a common question among these folks that are seeking to have a classic American adventure, and that question is none other than, “Is June a good time to go rafting?” To this question I will always answer yes! Here are a few reasons why June might be the best time to go rafting!

Go With The Flow

Whitewater Rafting Colorado

Every river has its peak season, when the river flow is just right and the rapids are perfect. For most rivers within Colorado the river flow is near, if not at, its perfect flow! So, no matter where you are in the state, chances are there is a river nearby that will give you a great day on the water! With so many river flows in great condition in June, many people plan trips to ride down several rivers while they are here.

Soak in Some Sun

One of the best parts of June rafting is the weather! The summer is 90% clear blue and sunny days. The heat of the air with the chill of the river’s waters makes the perfect combination! The day gets you just hot enough that when you come across a calm stretch of river you can’t wait to hop in the water, and when you get out the sun dries you out before the water can make you feel cold! The amazing weather is an even bigger benefit for those who are doing any overnight rafting trips. The night time will get down to that perfect night chill that pairs perfectly with a campfire!

Why Just Raft?

June is also the perfect time to pair rafting with another great summer activity. Many commercial companies offer packages to add to your Colorado experience. Some companies, like AVA Rafting & Ziplining can pair your rafting trip with a zipline tour, guide you through their Via Ferrata, take you horseback riding, or even take you on a hot air balloon tour! June is also the perfect time to start hiking up to some summits. If you are somewhere where there is rafting, chances are there is great hiking in the area as well. So you can climb a peak in the area and look out on the canyon you just rafted through to get a view from the top and the bottom of whatever beautiful location you are at!

So, to sum it up, June is the perfect time to plan your trip to Colorado. And if you are in Colorado in the summer, a whitewater rafting trip is a must!