Top Adventures in Breckenridge for Non-skiers

Breckenridge is a magical town whither you a visiting for the slopes or to fill your vacation with activities off the mountain.

As we approach the winter season,we want to give you a glimpse as to what all Breckenridge has to offer off of the mountain. From hiking to festivals, there are so many options and activities to participate in there will not be a single boring day in your fun filled vacation in the beautiful Rockies of Breckenridge Colorado. 

21 and up fun

There is a little bit of everything for everyone in Breckenridge, Colorado. For those looking to doing something more appropriate for the twenty one and older crowd there is a multitude of artisan festivals.

Dia de los Muertos: Just around the corner is the Dia de los Muertos starting Friday Nov. 1 – Saturday, Nov. 2. Enjoy traditional music, face painting, dance and food.

Ullr Festival: One of the biggest parties in Breckenridge is Ullr Festival between Wednesday, Dec. 11 – Sunday Dec. 15. Join us in honoring the snow god with a street festival parade, and the longest shot ski on record.

Outdoorsy outings

There is so much to do outside in Breckenridge even if you don’t want to spend your day on the slopes.

Breckenridge Winter Activities

Hiking: May not seem intuitive, but one of my favorite activities is a snowy hike. Strap on some snow shoes or find a popular trail that is all packed down and enjoy this beautiful snow globe of a town.

Fishing: Whether it is ice fishing or just fall fly fishing, this is one of the most serene past times during any season.

Fat Tire Biking: This fun new mountain trend allows your to enjoy mountain biking for a longer duration of the year. We recommend fat tire biking and hiking on the Sallie Barber trail right off Baldy Road.

Sledding: Walk on over to Carter Park and join the crowds in sledding down the snow covered hill just above the park. You can’t miss it and you don’t want to miss out on this fun!

Photography: Explore this historic town and the surrounding mountains to get some shots that will really be worth sharing.

Mountain Pass Drives: Now we only recommend this activity if the roads are clear and there are no snow storms in sight. However, you can drive south towards Fairplay (home of South Park) and as you drive over Hoosier Pass you will get to see and get quite close to some of the most iconic mountain peaks in Colorado.

Explore the town

Breckenridge has one of the most quaint while also exciting towns that I have ever been to. Main street is about 1 mile long and is packed full of shopping, dining, museums, and more!

Breckenridge Beer Festival

Apres: This is just a fancy way to say happy hour in the mountains. Happy hour is one of the most popular past times for a couple of reasons. 1 there is nothing better than a cold beer after a day of hiking, or skating, or sledding… should I go on? Also, happy hour is a great way to get affordable drinks and food in Breckenridge which is otherwise a pretty pricey place to eat.

Shopping: Whether you are looking for a new mountain get up to impress your friends or you want to check out the latest gear for hiking and biking, Breckenridge has it all. The best part is that all of the shops pretty much fall on Main Street, so ditch the car and walk to all the shops your heart desires.

Museums and activities: We have an art district in Breckenridge which always has wonderful exhibits, plays, and crafts to enjoy. Additionally, this historic town is full of amazing stories and the best way to learn all about them is to visit our museums in town.

Breckenridge Summer

No matter what you enjoy doing on your vacation, Breckenridge has something for everyone. Join us in the winter wonderland for a vacation you will never forget!