Why Summer and Fall are the Best Time to Visit Breckenridge

family trips in Breckenridge

When most people think of Breckenridge Colorado, they think ski lifts and snow filled slopes. However, when that snow starts to melt it turns into the number one summer and fall activity in Colorado.

Hiking in Breckenridge
Liam Doran / Breckenridge Tourism Office

White Water Rafting is one of the Rocky Mountains most beloved adventures. When is the best time to come to Breckenridge Colorado for rafting this year you ask? Simple, it’s August, September and October. Let us tell you why this is hands down the best time to come to Breckenridge.

The views

Have you ever seen a photo with snowcapped mountains and lush green trees below and wished you were there? If you’re looking for the perfect Instagram photo to make your friends think that, this is it.


The Ten Mile Range (mountain range in breck) is dusted with just the right amount of snow like a Bob Ross painting. The mountain bases are filled with lush green trees and beautiful wild flowers. This is the time of year that wedding photographers dream of. Be sure to check out all the look outs in the local area to get the best shot this year!

The trips

This year has been one of the best years for rafting and still is. There are rafting trips and more all around Colorado, and Breckenridge is one of the best places to stay because it is central to all of the fun activities. Imagine a dart board of trips to raft and zipline .. Breckenridge would be the bullseye.

Coming to Colorado and not rafting would be like going to the shore and not going to the beach. Let’s break it down to help start to the decision making.

1 Hour North of Breckenridge

Kremmling will be where we want to raft with little ones or anyone looking for that relaxing water trip. Rafting on Kremmling is great for anyone 2 years who are over 30 LB’s and up.

Fly Fishing Colorado

This family friendly outpost as fly fishing and UTV’s in case that float trip wasn’t as spicy as you wanted your day to be, we have you covered. Traveling on UTV’s on 20,000 Acres of open land is what real freedom tastes like. This location really does take adventure to a whole new level.

1 Hour South of Breckenridge

Head south from Breckenridge and see what the waters like in Buena Vista. This location IS great for the adventurer ready to fill their vacation with true Colorado experiences.

With 70 Foot Belay’s on the Via Ferrata and the Famous Class IV Pine Creek section of white water, this outpost really brings it all to the table.

1 Hour East of Breckenridge

Should a float trip be a little to calm but Buena Vista to strong, we got you covered goldilocks. It’s the historical town of Idaho Springs.

Whitewater Rafting

This town is the perfect middle man for anyone looking to get on the water and in the air. With Class III white water that’s great for beginners and running 6-8 trips times a day, this really is the outpost built to make the most out of your day.

1.5 Hours North East of Breckenridge

Not a fan of the water you say? Did you know we offer guided hiking trips? These trips really offer a person adventure for anyone looking to get outdoors. Colorado is filled with trails and views that are jaw droppers, making it hard to know which one to spend your entire day on. Put the google tab down and let us do the work.

Guided Hiking in RMNP

Booking a guided hike with us will allow you to be confident that we are taking you to the best spots based on your activity level. This means no surprise straight up hill moments or getting lost. We literally do have done the leg work here for you to trust we will make it the best day ever! Still not sure which locations really fits you? Give us a call we have agents who will make this process effortless.

The deals

If the colors of the mountains and the adventures on hand haven’t convinced you now is the time to come to Breckenridge, we have one more reason. The deals! Breckenridge offers unbelievable deals in August at almost every restaurants and clothing shops in town. Affording a family of five on vacation can be tough but we have you covered with great deals and great trips.

Don’t Wait

Not only do we mean don’t wait to get to Breckenridge, but we also mean don’t wait in general. End of summer and fall in Breckenridge is less crowded, so that means less lines, less waits at restaurants, and less waiting on your adventure.

We hope that gives you enough reason to visit this beautiful place this summer or fall or even next summer or fall if you need a little more time for planning.