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Colorado White Water Rafting: the ultimate adventure

Colorado white water rafting is a unique and thrilling way to experience some of the most breathtaking scenery our great nation has to offer. Going on a Colorado white water rafting trip is going on adventure – for some, the adventure of a lifetime.  At Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting we take that statement seriously and do everything in our power to bring that adventure to you and your rafting group.  Whether you’re a first time visitor to our state or a seasoned Class V rafter – we feel it is our responsibility to create white water rafting memories you’ll enjoy for the remainder of your life.  And thanks to the diversity of rivers and rapids throughout Colorado, we can custom-fit a rafting package that will be just right for your level of experience and fitness!

Are you new to rafting, or maybe a little unsure if you’re ready for the river wild?  Maybe you’re just having trouble deciding what the best Colorado white water rafting trip would be for you and your group.  Have no fear, we’ve got great runs down Clear Creek, the Colorado River, the Arkansas River and the Blue River that are designed to get people of any level on the river for white water action in just a half-day (or more if you like)!  These Colorado whitewater rafting trips will give you a great introduction to the spectacular scenery in the Rocky Mountains as well as the thrill of rolling through white water rapids. For rafters looking for more of a challenge, we offer advanced rafting trips on multiple rivers. Try the Clear Creek Intermediate or Advanced trips, The Numbers, The “Gauntlet” or Gore Canyon.

Make sure to check out our Arkansas River rafting trips on North America’s most popular rafting river.  Running parallel to the continental divide and through the highest cluster of 14ers in the Rocky Mountains, the Arkansas River offers some of the best scenic views in all of the state.  Sections of the river (Browns Canyon, the Numbers, Pine Creek & Royal Gorge) are known by rafters world-wide as some of the best class III-V rapids in North America.  Combine that with a chance to view the tallest suspension bridge in the world – from below – and you start to understand what makes this river so popular.  These trips vary from day trips to multi-day excursions so check out all the options.

While Clear Creek and the Arkansas River are some of the most renowned rafting rivers in our state, don’t overlook great white water rafting river trips on the Colorado River, the Eagle River, the Dolores River, and the Blue River for rafting trips that offer their own opportunities to further investigate the great vistas in Colorado.

Colorado is a beautiful place. Making a decision to see some of the state from the natural waterways that cut through the glorious Rocky Mountains is a decision we’re certain you’ll be glad you made for the rest of your life!  Contact us via email if you have questions, or pick up the phone and dial 877-RAFTING or 800-370-0581.  We’re glad to answer any question you might have and to send you a quote today!

We also offer Colorado rafting trip discounts every day of the year. Check ’em out for an incredible adventure at at a great price!

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