Planning Around High Traffic Times

When on vacation, the last thing you want to do is be in a rush. It is important to plan your trip around the traffic patterns in the mountains, as well as the city of Denver. Planning an early morning rafting trip or late afternoon zipline trip is a good way to avoid sitting in traffic. Many Denver locals enjoy escaping the Denver heat and venturing to the mountains for the weekend. What does this mean? If you are rafting on the Clear Creek River on a Friday, leave some extra time if you are travelling from the Front Range.

In the Colorado Mountains, locals tend to joke that there are two seasons: winter season, and construction season. It is a safe bet that if you are travelling to one of our trips, you will run into some form of construction. Be prepared and plan ahead, always allow a few extra minutes so that you are not in a rush! Colorado is an active state, and every weekend there are multiple bike and foot races that shut down major interstates.

Colorado is a wacky state full of activities and you never know what to expect when visiting our beautiful state. It is better to be a few minutes early, so leave a little extra time. Contrary to people flocking to the mountains on Friday, people head down from the mountains at all times on Sunday. This causes a log jam on I-70 on Sunday afternoons, so as said before; leave some time!