Hiking with Kids in Breckenridge

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Hiking with kids is all about keeping them engaged and into the activity. Kids can get easily distracted on a long hike, so there are a few things to keep in mind when hiking with kids. First of all, keep the hike under 5 miles. Keeping it short will make sure the kids don’t get over exerted while walking. Here are some kid-friendly hiking trails near Breckenridge:

  • Iowa Mine Trail – 1.2 mile long loop – Mining Ruins along the trail – Historical Fact signs along the way as well – Great for beginners
  • Sawmill Creek Trail – 1.5 miles – Good shade on those hot days – Amazing Views – Great for Beginners
  • Hoosier Pass Loop – 2 miles – Breathtaking 360 degree views – Boots are recommended – Easy trail
  • McCollough Gulch Trail – 2.8 miles – Glacial lake with a waterfall – Older kids and teens recommended – be aware of elevation – Moderate Trail
  • Sapphire Point Overlook – 0.6 miles – Good for those smaller kids – Amazing views – Can be done in less than 30 min – Views so great you want to bring a camera – Very Easy


Mentioned above are just a few trails that are good for kids. I personally love Sapphire Point Overlook. It has everything; a great trail that’s easy and the views are breathtaking. All the above trails are good for kids, but I would recommend hydrating before and during any hike, especially if you are not completely adjusted to the altitude. Great time can be had by all on any of these hikes.

Also be prepared to explain what they are seeing around them. Kids can generally keep themselves entertained most of the way, but for those “I’m getting bored” moments, have a flower guide, river guide or terrain guide handy to give them facts about the beautiful land they are look at.

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