We Miss Summer: The Top Photos of 2014

The 2014 Colorado rafting season was one to not be missed! Record snowfall for the 2013-2014 ski and snowboard season flooded our hills and mountains with a higher than average snowpack. This record snowpack melted throughout the course of the spring and summer and filled up our rivers to more than usual. As we draw closer to the 2014-2015 ski and snowboard season and move further away from rafting season, its not hard to see that we miss summer. The top photos of 2014, however, work as a pleasant reminder of the warmth and excitement of summer. Check em out!

Arkansas River


 Our river guides had their work cut out for them, keeping our rafters safe and sound while on their trip!


Record water meant record thrills! This boat here is almost completely submersed in Pine Creek.

granite photos 017-1000

The Numbers section proved to be one of the most popular trips of the season.

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Brown’s Canyon provided families with young and old, the adventure of a lifetime!

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As it has always been in years past, Brown’s Canyon continued to be the most popular section of river in the entire country.


Check out the number of folks out on Brown’s Canyon in the peak month of June.

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Thanks for rafting the great Arkansas River!

Upper Colorado


The Upper Colorado River is the best trip for families with children as young as 3 years old!


With many different craft sizes to choose from, we can take out groups of few or many.

DSC_0001 (1)-1000

Or you may rent your own craft and become the captain!


A popular stopping spot for an afternoon break…


…a short hike to the top of jump rock…


…and a refreshing plunge from either down low…


…or waaaay up high!


Don’t forget to check out the scenery for wildlife.


Just because we take little ones on this trip doesn’t mean that there aren’t any rapids, so check out the Upper Colorado River today!

Clear Creek


Clear Creek in Idaho Springs definitely surprised loads of rafters with it’s intense whitewater this season.

granite photos 007-1000

With C.F.S running at levels higher than ever, it is no wonder we’ve had a record breaking season.


Check out these guys having the time of their lives!


Here you can see just how much water was flowing down the river.


Make sure to pay attention to your guide or else this could happen to you!


Our Fourth of July trips occurred during some of the best flows of the season.



granite photos 017-1000

Watch out and remember to smile for the camera!


Thanks for a great summer rafting season, hopefully, we’ll see you next year!