These Colorado Rivers are Still Perfect for Rafting in July 2018

We may be past high water season, but there’s still plenty of time on the river to be spent.  The greatest parts about rafting post-high water are the scenic views you get to enjoy and the warm summer days in the Rocky Mountains.  Here’s where you should head during the month of July to enjoy a bit of whitewater and a lot of fun.

Arkansas River

One of our favorites and also a crowd favorite across the country, the Arkansas River is home to the most popular stretch of whitewater that is rafted in America as well as breathtaking views of the Collegiate Peaks and the Arkansas River Valley.  You’ll have just over an hour drive through the Rocky Mountains to get to our Buena Vista outpost, but the views along the way will make your jaw drop.

Browns Canyon

As mentioned before, it’s the most popular stretch of whitewater in the country and it’s also a beautiful area.  This National Monument is home to Class III rapids that will keep you on your toes and a smile on your face.


The Numbers

These Class IV rapids will have your heart pumping as you navigate along the Arkansas River.  The flows are still ideal and will challenge you and your group the perfect amount.


Pine Creek

If you’ve had Class V rapids on your to-do list for some time, right now is the perfect opportunity to take them on.  When high water hits every season, there are certain rapids on Pine Creek that aren’t safe to run.  If you raft this advanced whitewater in the next few weeks you won’t have to portage around these sections and you’ll be able to run the whole thing.


Whitewater Raft Colorado

Colorado River

If you’re searching for a family adventure in Colorado, the scenic float along this majestic river welcomes kids as young as 2 years old with a minimum weight of 30 pounds.  Make a weekend of it by taking on 24 Hours or 3 Days on the Upper Colorado.  The best part about the Colorado River is the size and depth of it’s channels, and since it’s so big it has a much longer season than other rivers in the state.

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