Navigate Breck like a Local

Breckenridge is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Colorado. It is definitely a town with a lot of personality and it can sometimes be fairly easy to tell who is here on vacation and who has been living here for awhile. Here are a few tips on how to navigate Breck like a local! … Read More >>

Avoiding Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness, also known as acute mountain sickness, is a common health issue for many visitors to Colorado, especially those coming directly from sea level. Symptoms include headache, shortness of breath, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, increased heart rate, and insomnia. In severe forms some people may develop a wet cough (due to pulmonary edema), unsteady walking, … Read More >>

A First-Timer’s Guide to Breckenridge

Planning your first trip to the beautiful mountain town of Breckenridge? Located just 2 hours west of Denver, Breckenridge is the mountain town located at the base of the Ten Mile Range. This historic town was founded after a discovery of gold along the Blue River led to the establishment of a base camp in the summer … Read More >>

10 Things to do in Breckenridge Besides Skiing

Breckenridge is definitely known for skiing, however, there are a lot of other activities that often get overlooked in this small mountain town. Here is a list of 10 things to check out during the winter months. 1) Mine Tours – Get a sense of what it was like to be a gold miner in … Read More >>

Best Gift Shops in Breckenridge

Breckenridge, CO is home to an incredible ski mountain, a historic town and a diverse culture. Don’t grab the same old t-shirt or refrigerator magnet for your friends and family back home; check out these Breckenridge shops for fun, unique gifts for your loved ones. Serendipity of Breckenridge This family owned and operated business has … Read More >>

Happy New Year from Breckenridge Whitewater!

I don’t know about you, but here at Breckenridge Whitewater we are very excited to see the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Stay tuned for some exciting updates and new features for the 2017 season!