Our 5 Favorite Breck Coffee Shops

Sometimes it’s a struggle and mornings can be tough; hunger and thirst can set in, along with the need for a pick-me-up. This is why someone, long long ago, created coffee. This magical beverage helps us cope with early mornings, late nights and everything in between. Whether it’s the coffee, espresso drinks or delicious treats … Read More >>

Current River Conditions

July is coming to a close this next week but some of the rivers around Colorado are just now hitting their peak rafting levels. With some heavy snowfall during the winter time, Colorado Rivers saw more runoff than expected. The snow runoff created high water levels and even led to some of the rivers being closed for weeks … Read More >>

How to Pack for an August River Trip

Whether you are going on a ⅓ day, 1/2 day, ¾ day, full day, or overnight trip, being conscious of what you should bring along is always a great idea. Colorado has 300 days of sunshine. Summer weather conditions in Colorado are typically sunny, but there still is a chance that you’ll experience a quick … Read More >>

Unique Features of the Arkansas River

The Arkansas River is widely known for rafting, kayaking, fishing and it’s vast array of rich natural resources. This river is often unappreciated, as most people don’t realize that it starts off with just a trickle and eventually grows to become one of the largest rivers in America! Here are 5 unique features of the … Read More >>

3 Places to Pick Up River Gear Near Breckenridge

Looking to get your captain hat out and tackle the river on your own, eh matey? Check out these 3 places to pick up riverrrr gear near Breckenridge! Ten Mile Creek Kayaks Frisco, Co Are you staying in Breckenridge and want to explore all that the great rivers around Colorado have to offer? Ten Mile … Read More >>