How to Pack for an August River Trip

Whether you are going on a ⅓ day, 1/2 day, ¾ day, full day, or overnight trip, being conscious of what you should bring along is always a great idea. Colorado has 300 days of sunshine. Summer weather conditions in Colorado are typically sunny, but there still is a chance that you’ll experience a quick shower at some point during the day. Although you will be getting wet on our rafting trips, we still recommend being prepared for any weather situation. In the following sections there will be a recommended gear list for all types of trips.

IMG_0008 ⅓ Day Trip & ½ Day Trip – These trips don’t take up your entire day, so if you forget something, chances are you’re going to be alright! We  supply the equipment necessary for rafting, but you need to bring a pair of shoes that won’t fall off of your feet, so no crocs or flip flops please. A  pair of old sneakers, water shoes, or sandals with a heel strap will work just fine. Just remember that whichever shoes you choose, they will be  getting wet. Also, whatever you bring on the boat be sure to take it off with you when you leave. As far as what to wear under the wetsuit, we  suggest a swimsuit or quick dry clothing. Don’t wear cotton because you will be cold.

 ¾ Day Trip & Full Day Trip – Since you will be out on the water for a longer stretch of time, you may want to bring a few extra items.  Remember, whatever you bring will be getting wet! Consider putting your belongings in a ziploc. Shoes and under-the-wetsuit clothing are still  very much needed, but you may want to bring a couple of other items. If you burn easily some waterproof sunscreen is a big help! Sunglasses  aren’t a bad idea either. Make sure you have something to keep your sunglasses on your head otherwise they’ll become property of the river! DSC_5401

Overnight Trips – We highly suggest bringing warm clothes, personal items such as medication, toiletries, etc. and your own sleeping bag if you have one. We do rent out sleeping bags if you find yourself in need of one, just be sure to let us know at least the day before your check-in. We want you to bring layers as well. It can be very warm and then all of a sudden be very cold so be prepared! Shoes and under-the-wetsuit clothing are a given once again, but they are essential! Bring a flashlight or a headlamp if you have one, and feel free to bring a frisbee or football too!

PC 2 If you are still unsure about what to bring on your trip feel free to give us a call at 1-877-  RAFTING and we will be happy to help, also check out our recommended gear list when you  receive your confirmation email!