Current River Conditions

IMG_2222July is coming to a close this next week but some of the rivers around Colorado are just now hitting their peak rafting levels. With some heavy snowfall during the winter time, Colorado Rivers saw more runoff than expected. The snow runoff created high water levels and even led to some of the rivers being closed for weeks at a time. The high waters of June have subsided, and paired with the warm weather, July has become the month to get on the river. Below are some of the more popular rivers to raft on in Colorado and what to expect if you decide to take the plunge to float them.

Arkansas River

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The Arkansas River has been all over the place this season, and has just dropped under 1,000 CFS in Pine Creek, allowing us to raft on one of the best Class V rapids in the state. The Pine Creek rapid is the reason for that section being called Pine Creek and marks the beginning of one of the best full day advanced trips on river known as The Gauntlet. Further downstream the trip ends on our fabulous intermediate section known as The Numbers. This is one of the best trip in Colorado at the moment, so don’t miss out.

As always, Brown’s Canyon is running great and will continue to run until late August. If it’s your first time on the river or if you have kids, definitely chalk out a day to raft in this amazing section!

Clear Creek River

IMG_8204The Clear Creek also saw some high water in June, but was raft able for most of the month. With the water decreasing right now, it might be a great time to come check out the Lower Canyon on the Clear Creek. The Lower Canyon rides along highway 6 in the gorgeous surroundings connecting Idaho Springs and Golden, home of the Coors Brewery. It is a thrilling ride of continuous Class III and Class IV rapids right now.

Colorado River


The Upper Colorado River is still running strong right now but may peter off just in time to allow thrill seekers from around the world to raft on Gore Canyon. One of the most challenging sections to raft in the country, Gore is sure to excite even the most experienced boaters.