The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Rafting

If you are thinking about taking a whitewater rafting trip this summer and have never gone, take our advice and don’t do the following: Panic if you fall in the water Ignore your guide Flail with the paddle Stand up in the water Swim the rapids Don’t wear a lifejacket or PFD Not listen during … Read More >>

Best Time to Raft the Arkansas River

While yes, any day on the river is technically a good day, that doesn’t mean some days aren’t better than others. The Arkansas River, located in Buena Vista, CO, is one of the most famed rivers in the US and hosts some of the best whitewater in the nation! The Arkansas River has rapids ranging … Read More >>

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Staying in Breckenridge

Visiting the magical town of Breckenridge, Colorado with its unique mountain setting makes for a world class holiday or summer vacation. Though, when visiting Breckenridge it can be hard to find the best deals and adapting to elevation can prove tricky for some. To help you get the most out of your visit we have … Read More >>

Best Time to Book a Colorado Rafting Trip

When is the best time to book your Colorado rafting trip you ask? Well, no time like the present! The whitewater in Colorado is all dependent on snow melt. The more snow we get, the more snow melts, and the more rapids we get! Typically, the earliest we start rafting is the beginning of May. … Read More >>