Breckenridge Local Secrets

Breck SecretsWhether it’s your first time in Breckenridge or you have been visiting for years, there are probably still some locals’ secrets you have yet to learn.  From lodging and dining to hiking and great scenery, we’re here to fill you in on the good stuff!


The Cheap Lodging Secret: Fireside Inn

Lodging in Breckenridge can get expensive.  While the accommodations are definitely worth the price, it can be small consolation to the traveler on a tight budget.  Fortunately, the Fireside Inn offers hostel-style dormitory accommodations which run for as little as $30 per night depending on the time of year.  Even during peak season, rates are below $50 per night.  In addition, the location is just a short walk from Main Street in Breckenridge.

The Late Night Food Secret: Lucha

When you’re craving hot food at 2:00 in the morning, it’s easy to assume that you’re stuck with gas station hot dogs or whatever you can heat up in your hotel room.  Resist that urge, though – instead head down Main Street to Lucha Cantina for freshly made Tex-Mex including nachos, burritos, tacos, and more.  All of Lucha’s menu items are prepared fresh and in-house with high quality ingredients so you won’t wake up the next morning feeling sick.  And Lucha is open until 2am or later every night.

The International Sandwich Secret: Park & Main

Perhaps it has never occurred to you to ask where you can get the best Shawarma or Banh Mi in Breckenridge.  That’s a shame, because you’re missing out on amazing sandwiches from Park & Main in La Cima Mall.  In addition to a traditional Banh Mi (Vietnamese pork sandwich) and fantastic chicken shawarma, Park & Main also offers a range of other international fare from Cubans to Croque Monsieurs.  Dine in or grab one to go.

The Lake Dillon Tour Secret: Water Taxi

Lake Dillon Water TaxiWhen you want to combine fun and function, the Frisco Water taxi is a convenient opportunity to get across the lake and enjoy spectacular views.  The water taxi runs between the Frisco Marina and the Dillon Marina throughout the summer, which means it a great way to cross the county for lunch or to browse the Dillon Farmer’s Market. It’s also a way to get a unique view of the county – great views of the Ten Mile Range as well as Buffalo and Red Mountain offer unparalleled photo opportunities.

The Geography Secret: Hike from Breck to Copper

When you drive between Breckenridge and Copper Mountain, it can feel like they are on opposite ends of the county.  In reality, they are right next to each other, separated by Highway 91 and the back side of Breckenridge.  If you’re willing to put in a solid morning of hiking, you can get a great overhead view of both resorts.  Simply take the Wheeler Trail, which runs between Peak 9 of Breckenridge and the Far East free parking lot at Copper.


Take advantage of the secret side of Summit County this vacation!  There’s a lot more to Breckenridge than you might realize.  Looking for more great activities?  Breckenridge Whitewater can fill out your vacation with a variety of ways to have to fun from mountaintop ziplining and whitewater rafting, to rock climbing, fly fishing, horseback riding, and more!

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