What to Bring on a May Rafting Trip

winter-roadAfter a wonderful, but long winter, it is finally time to start rafting season! We know many of you have been anticipating, for months, to get outside and experience the scenic views and amazing whitewater that Colorado has to offer. Rafting is a great activity for every age and is the perfect activity for families and groups. In case you’ve already booked your trip, or if you were just wondering how to pack for a rafting trip, here are our suggested 5 things to bring on a may rafting trip.

Sun Protectionsun-protection

Sunscreen is crucial when engaging in any outdoor activity because we want to protect our skin from sunburn and aging. This protection is especially important when at high elevation or near water. Sunshine in the high country is much stronger than where the majority of the world lives, so it is vitally important to ensure your skin is protected. Make sure that your sunscreen is least 15 S.P.F and is water/sweat proof so it lasts longer and won’t run.

Sunglasses are a good thing to bring because they keep the majority of the suns radiant, yet harmful rays at bay. Being much closer to the sun than normal, sunglasses will reduce its brightness as well as help to prevent too much water from splashing in your eyes. Plus, who doesn’t want to look good while doing what you love!  Bring a cheap pair of shades if you are afraid of losing them, or you can buy a croakie to secure them to your person.


When you raft, you may need to wear a wetsuit. The wetsuit and life jacket will work to keep you dry, but it’s not a bad idea to have additional clothing underneath. Something as light as a swimsuit is appropriate, or if you get cold easily, go one step further and wear some technical fabrics that have moisture wicking properties These types of fabrics work to keep moisture away from your body. Try to avoid cotton, if possible, as it tends to trap the moisture against your skin and leave you shivering!

Footwearimages (18)

Shoes are very important because you are most likely going to need to protect your feet! You want to keep your feet as safe as possible. Supportive footwear will allow you to raft and hike around without worrying too much about stubbing a toe, or gashing your feet on rocks. This means wearing flip flops and other footwear, such as crocs, are not going to be in your best interest. In fact, most rafting companies will not let you wear them on a rafting trip. AVA does not allow flip flops or crocs. We suggest you wear something secure like a pair of old sneakers or water shoes.

spring-allergies-e1332268699283Personal Items

If you have any necessary medication such as an inhaler, epi-pen or other, we encourage you to bring it with you! Your guide can carry these items for you, and it’s always best to be prepared. Another thought is that, as Spring and Summer progress, allergy season comes into full swing. Because of this, it’s not a bad idea to bring some non-drowsy allergy medication if you are susceptible to allergens, just in case!

Whether you’ve booked your trip already or are are now planning on doing so, you should feel more comfortable because you know what items you now need to bring! Hopefully, we’ll see you out here on the river soon!