Ice Sculptures in Breckenridge

The Budweiser National Snow Sculpture is by far one of locals and tourists favorite sights that happen in Breckenridge! From January 19th to the 23rd expect the most beautiful ice sculptures to start coming to life. From the 27th of January to January 31st see them all finished ! If you are hanging out in … Read More >>

5 Tips To Avoid Ski Crowds During the Holiday Season

The snow is falling and the skiing is just getting better and better. However, with better snow comes more and more people in search of the perfect ski vacation. Holidays in particular bring about more crowds! To help avoid the crowds and really get the most of your time in the mountains we have come … Read More >>

Come Visit for Snow Block Stomping Week!

Every year the International Snow Sculpture Championships comes to the town of Breckenridge. Teams from all around the world compete across five days of sculpting snow into works of art using just hand tools! It is truly a sight to see these artists work. Taking place from January 19th to the 23rd and to help … Read More >>

Breckenridge Ullr Fest: What is it and is it fun?

This year Breckenridge will be holding its 52nd Ullr fest! Ullr, the Norse God of snow, is more or less the town of Breckenridge’s mascot! When you  hear people shout out “pray to Ullr” it means they want snow! Ullr is known throughout town to bring us that fluffy white powder and to ensure its delivery Breckenridge every … Read More >>