Our 5 Favorite Hikes in Breckenridge 


The serene crisp mountain air, the endless opportunity of new horizons, and the thrill of a brand new view only tell half the story when hiking in one of Summit Counties best and beautiful areas. Below make sure you check out any one or more of these stunning walkabouts.

breck summer hiking groupBurro Trail 

Take this easy to access gem of a trail to experience all Breck has to offer. Finding the Burro Trail is simple; it runs along a shallow but fast creek and there are a couple of bridges. You can make it as long or short as you would like, as there are multiple choices for loops. If you have the stamina it will take you all the way to Mohawk Lakes with beautiful scenery the whole way. The Burro Trail offers easy to moderate levels as it has a steady incline. It will quickly become a family or person favorite. You and your pooch are sure to enjoy this awesome hike!

Iowa Hill – A Historic Gold Mining Trail

Find this educational and fun hike on Airport Road. You’ll see signs on the mountain side of the road. Enjoy a guided hike through the historic Iowa Hill mine site with a local expert. Along the way you’ll see authentic mining artifacts and interpretive signs that tell the story of how gold was extracted from the surrounding hills. Visit a restored miners’ boarding house (c. 1868) and experience life as a miner in Breckenridge’s early days. Great views abound as you take in the town of Breck itself and the distant peak on the east side of the valley. This hike is approximately 1.5 miles round-trip and lasts 1.5 hours. The first hour is a steady uphill climb with several stops and the return is downhill.

Sawmill Creek/Snowflake Reservoir  

The trailhead for the Sawmill Creek, BOEC Snowflake Lake starts at the beginning of a the Snowflake ski-lift on Sawmill Road just off of Main Street. This easy 1.5 mile hike culminates at a mountain top reservoir where people fish and do stand-up paddleboarding. The views on the lake are great and with mountains in every direction it is truly unforgettable. Take a stroll all around the lake and get your camera ready. You may want to pack a fishing pole too, as the jumping fish will most certainly catch your eye!

Summit County Bike Path hiking1

Simple, fast, and easy! This bike path can easily double as a hiking path. Forget the steep climbs on this one and enjoy the 360 degree views. Passing by picnic tables by the rec center, bridges and the everlasting Blue River, this hike is a breeze. Take it to Copper Mountain or wherever your heart desires!

Boreas Pass 

Boreas Pass is a roadway that used to be a railroad path. The paved road turns to dirt outside of the town of Breckenridge and is only open in the summer months.  Once you hit dirt, it’s another six miles to drive before you get to the trailhead, which is also along the Continental Divide. There is a path on one side, but you blaze your own trail on the other. It’s a fun place to visit, even if you just go by car. You’ll pass an 1800’s water tower for the trains that rode the pass and there is a box car and ranger station at the top. These are some of the best views in all the Rocky Mountains as you get a birds eye view of all the magic of the kingdom of Breckenridge.

So in all, put your excuses in your backpack and get on hiking on some of not only Colorado but all of Americas most scenic trails! Happy exploring!