Why River Camping is Better than Car Camping

Camping is an American pastime. It is a great way to escape the routine of your everyday life and take in all that the great outdoors has to offer.  Most people typically drive their car with all of their supplies straight up to their campsite and then proceed to set up camp right outside of their car. This is a great way to camp, but here are some reasons why river camping is better than car camping.

River camping combines the two awesome activities of rafting and camping. This allows you to raft during the day then set up camp and spend the night right on the river, wake up the next morning pack up and raft out. River camping puts you a little further out into the wilderness and sometimes to places that cars cannot even reach. This allows you to get off of the beaten path, explore some interesting places and really feel connected to the wilderness that surrounds you.

_MG_5075There are several ways to experience river camping. For those who want to go out and explore for themselves, you can rent rafting gear and put out on the river on your own. Pack all of your camping gear in dry bags, hit the river, and pick a great spot to set up camp. The other way to experience river camping is to partake in an overnight river tour. These tours are guided. The guides have predetermined campsites,  will set up and pack up camp, and will provide meals for all of the guests. These trips are great for people from out of town who may not have all of their camping gear with them, or people who just want to sit back and enjoy the experience with little to no work  involved.

So whether you want to try some river camping on your own or with a guided tour, just go out and experience something new and different. Give the car a break and save some gas. Hop on a raft with Breckenridge Whitewater and head out on a great river camping adventure.