Mountain Biking in Summit County

Mountain Biking

If you are seeking for one individual sport that requires endurance, core strength, self-reliance and bike handling skills then mountain biking is for you! Mountain biking is designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain and there are numerous places in Summit to test these limits. No matter if you are looking for cross country, trail riding or even all mountain, there are endless amounts of trails located all around you in Summit. Here are some of the top mountain biking trails that you need to get out and explore this summer! 

cycling-828646_1280Pikes Peak Trail: This is a very popular trail that has something to offer just about everyone! It is very common to start either in Frisco or Breckenridge. There are great sections to challenge riders who are looking for rooty and technical routes and also big mountain. It is just a great rolling forested trail with diverse single track 

Breckenridge Peak 8: On top of the great skiing Vail Resorts offers, there are some great single tracks located on the mountain as well. Once you arrive at the bottom of peak 8 you can either earn your turns and trek all the way up or hop on the Colorado Chair Lift and enjoy some downhill turns. There is a variety of routes you can decide from! No matter if you are a first timer or you are an expert, there is something for everyone! So, come check it out! 

Barney FlowLooking for a downhill single track? Then check out Barney Flow, it features gap jumps, log features, bridges and banking turns. All of the features are built to be kid friendly and are rideable at slower speeds. You will be able to find alternative lines at some of the different features.  

Carter Park: If you are coming from downtown Breckenridge, Carter Park is going to be a great place to find some mountain biking trails. It is a switch back getaway trail that networks you with all the vast amounts of trails Breckenridge has to offer. The trail climbs to a flume and runs south to where you will come up on Sunbeam Trail, which then leads to nine switch backs to Hermit Placer flume trail.  

bike-1010771_1280Keystone Bike Park: On top of Keystone being the hub for hundreds of miles of world-class single track, they are also known to have some of the countries best downhill trails. You can take the chairlift up and gain access to expert downhill challenges. There are rock gardens, rock drops and high speed features. There are also sections for beginners where you will enjoy roller coaster rides over bridges and berms without it being to steep. If you love to mountain bike, then this is a place you will want to check out this summer! 

Now knowing some of the best places to mountain bike in Summit County you have no excuse to not get out and ride! In need of gear? There are endless amounts of bike rental shops all around summit that will get you hooked up with the best gear! Enjoy!