Ski Tips for Beginners

Hello future skier! Skiing is incredibly active and fun, but it’s not something you can just jump right into. Whether it be from a friend, family member, or professional trainer, you’re going to need somebody to teach you. But, even though skiing is not something you can just teach yourself, it is not hard to overcome that beginner level, especially if you’ve decided to be proactive and do some preliminary skiing research.

  1. First off, make sure you are at least fit enough to get yourself up off the ground when you fall. Trust me, you’re going to be doing a lot of that! Don’t be deceived, skiing doesn’t require the same amount of leg movement as running, but still strains enough to make you sore after a day on the mountain.
  2. VCD10419_Dan_DavisDon’t be afraid to take a lesson. This may be the oldest tip in the book, but it’s the number one way to learn. Although you can learn from anybody willing and able to teach you, many people would recommend learning from a trained professional. So that way you can spend less time learning and more time shooting for skiing down a blue run before your weekend is over!
  3. Take your time. Sure, it is necessary and expected to be falling on your butt some here and there. However, you should not take that level of skill halfway up the mountain. A 20 minute ride down will turn into a 40+ minute ride down with falls, high speeds, and fear of flying off the side of a ski run.
  4. Maintain a comfortable speed. Maintaining a comfortable speed can make the difference between feeling like you’re on a joy ride or feeling like you’re moving at “ludicrous speed”. If you feel like you are accelerating too fast, arc your turns further up the hill.
  5. Avoid the powder. As a beginner, stay away from the powder. You may have heard how great that soft powder is, but it’s best to hone your skills on consistent and groomed trails. Making turns and controlling your speed is much tougher in ankle-deep snow. Going at a beginner speed in the powder would get you stuck and or stopped on the snow far too often.


Ready to hit the hill? Learn your proper techniques and just practice. The better you get at skiing, the more fun it is!