Water Level Update

Rafting season is under way in the Rocky Mountains and the water is on the rise. All of the late season snow we received has created awesome conditions for rafting in June.  We are currently running all of our trips at all three of our rafting outposts.

_MG_0654 compressThe level of the waters can best be measured in CFS which stands for Cubic Feet per Second. This is essential to deciding which rapids are safe to run on or if there is enough water to raft. The water levels for some of the most popular rivers to raft in Colorado are as follows:

  • Clear Creek where our Idaho Springs Outpost is located has been consistently running above 600 CFS which is perfect conditions to go rafting on.
  • The Arkansas River where our Granite Outpost is located has been running right around 1,000 CFS every day and will continue to rise throughout the next month with the increasingly nice weather.
  • The Upper Colorado River where our Kremmling Outpost is located has the most consistent CFS due to the moderate difficulty of the rapids. CFS is usually running between 400 and 500 CFS. If you’re looking for a little more excitement and want to go rafting on Gore Canyon, it won’t be safely runnable until mid-August.

Overall, rafting in Colorado is at prime levels and will be great through August. Don’t waste any time and come out for a day on the river.