Frisco BBQ Challenge

Frisco BBQ Challenge

Just because this ain’t Texas don’t mean we don’t got BBQ right here in Colorado! I think everybody loves BBQ, but Frisco represents BBQ! Once a year in Frisco, for three days, we invite the artisan barbeque’rs of Colorado to bring their best secret ingredients to the table and show us their skills with the grills (entry to this event is done online and fills up quick)!

The Frisco Barbeque Challenge, hosted by the Kansas City Barbeque Society, showcases a competition of around 100 total contestant groups of two types: product-selling teams and no-product-selling teams. During the first day of the event, Thursday, a kickoff day party goes down with a total of seven bands gracing the area.

Friday is when things get heated and the smell of barbeque fills the air! Also happening: The Pig Races, a family favorite even where people races pigs! After the pig races, stick around for more musical entertainment during the afternoon and Breckenridge Distillery’s Whiskey “Rub It, Smoke It, Sip It” BBQ Tour to wrap up the day.

Saturday means more barbeque! Before diving back into the brisket and pulled pork, The Bacon Burner 6K starts off the day and makes people feel a little less guilty when they “pig” out on ribs! Afterwards, round two of the Pig Races will carry on the day with more live entertainment. After the Pig Races comes the Firefighter Cook Off, a sub-event in which firefighters of Summit County have a cook-off of their own. At 4 pm, an awards ceremony will be held to wrap up the competition part of the event and announce the winners. After all the product sellin’ and barbequin and shenanigans n’ whatnot, barbeque happy hour in Frisco is held at local bars and restaurants, where drink specials and good times will be held!

The Frisco Barbeque Challenge is not just a random celebratory event in the name of food. This is actually a charity event that benefits the local non-profit organizations. A portion of the funds raised will be sent their way.

One of the best parts of the Frisco Barbeque Challenge is that it’s smack dab right in the middle of summer, prime time of rafting season! A common travel plan for many groups coming up to the mountains for the summer is to go whitewater rafting and then hit up an event in Summit County. If you’re looking for some Summit County whitewater, look no further than Breckenridge Whitewater. We have something for everyone!