June Events Calendar

The snow has melted and the weather is warm, summer is officially on its way.  May has been a great month for us at Breckenridge Whitewater and June is looking even better.  Here is a calendar of some amazing events in our area for you to attend after a day of rafting or zip lining. … Read More >>

Packing for a Whitewater Rafting Trip

One of the most common questions a guest has when booking a rafting trip is, ‘what should I bring?’ One of the upsides of rafting with Breckenridge Whitewater is that we provide just about everything you need including helmets, life jackets, wet suits, and splash jackets free of charge. Furthermore, we have free coffee and … Read More >>

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is right around the corner and rafting couldn’t be any better! With spring having finally arrived in the mountains of Colorado, the rivers are flowing and the rapids are raging! This time of year trips are traditionally not as crowded as one might think. In fact, it might even be said that it … Read More >>

Clear Creek Rafting and Zipline Specials

Rafting and zip lining can get expensive.  With the economy down, people are pinching their pennies and saving money any way they can.  Here at AVA we realize that everyone cannot always afford to go rafting or zip lining but we want to share the joy and excitement of rafting and zip lining with everyone.  … Read More >>

We’ve Run Our First Rafting Trips of the Season!

With summer just around the corner and the mountains showing a little more green grass than usual, there’s just one thing on everyone’s mind…it’s rafting season! Here at Breckenridge White Water we are excited and you should be too! Water levels are quickly filling up and rafters are starting to come out of their winter … Read More >>


If you’ve read a few of our blogs you’ve probably seen the word “snowpack” used several times. What exactly is snowpack? Snowpack is essentially what forms from layers of snow as it accumulates throughout the winter months in high altitude areas or places with extremely cold weather. This accumulated snow is vital for rivers and … Read More >>

Figuring Out The Right Rafting Trip For Your Group

One of the most common questions during any reservation process is, “Which trip is the best for me…beginner, intermediate, advanced…should I go ziplining too…HELP!?” It is important to have a trip that is specific to your party’s specific needs and requirements. No one wants to be ‘bored’ or thrown into a situation that they’re uncomfortable … Read More >>

Events in May

Spring has sprung here in Summit County.  While there is still snow on the ground, it is definitely spring in the mountains.  Come up and see all the events that are going on in May. The Men’s Spring Fling Hockey Tournament is going on in Breckenridge from May 17th through the 19th.  Come watch local … Read More >>

Ski and Raft in the Same Day!

Colorado has a climate all of its own. It happens to be one of the few places on our planet where you can comfortably enjoy both a winter as well as a summer activity in the same day. I’m talking of course about skiing and rafting hours apart. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s completely legit … Read More >>

Whitewater Rafting Kicks off for the 2013 Season!

It’s finally that time of the year again – The rivers of Colorado have started to churn out whitewater and the 2013 Colorado rafting season is a GO! In case you didn’t know, Colorado got POUNDED by snow all April, and as a result the snowpack is up more than 324% of what it was … Read More >>